Combating Theft

     Protecting Assets

     Monitoring Human Resources

Early Warning Security Solutions

Take Note means to observe with care or pay close attention to.

Our ability to observe with care and pay close attention gives us powerful insights into our clients’ security needs. These insights are exactly what enables us to be ablaze in creating highly successful and innovative security and business solutions on behalf of our clients. We believe in burning stale conventional ideas and develop innovative technologies from initial sparks to blazing fires. Take Note IT has the necessary care, attention to detail, expertise and passion our name implies.


  • RFID (Seismic sensors, base stations)
  • Cable theft and all other assets
  • Deterrents – Sirens, speakers, strobes
  • Protection of cargo
  • Monitoring of guards
  • Human presence detectors
  • Jamming devices
  • Real-time tracking and recovery
  • 24/7/365 days control room monitoring
  • Armed response

Monitoring of Security Staff

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Security Staff

EGuard Jacket


Security Staff

EGuard Armband


Monitoring of Security Staff

Rapid-CAM 100 (Playback system)

Separate miniature 5MP video camera

Compact HD 1080 DVR with 3.5” TFT monitor

Separate miniature 5MP video camera

Rapid-CAM 300 (live streaming)-using a miniature camera and external battery as above

Rapid headset

Helmet or shoulder camera

Rapid cam module


Special Trained Armed Response Team

Our Pride and Joy – Youth Nurturing and Training Academy


NOCC Rooms



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