Ad-hoc support service

Drone Operations

Proactive Operations

Community Protection

  • Integration of drone footage into control room/s
  • Coordination with ground security

Persistent Surveillance Security

  • Real-time monitoring in randomised missions
  • Layering onto existing security measures

Road Side Monitoring

  • Hot spots | Prevent and pre-empt

Incident Response

Cease and Desist Approach

  • Re-directing a drone or pin-pointing to required
  • Speakers can be used to communicate with prerecorded

Decision Support

  • Real-time monitoring of emergencies for ground
  • Drones are the air force for ground security:
    speakers, presence, spotlights

Tracking and Monitoring

  • LPR trigger response and tracking of vehicles and
  • Aerial tracking of a suspect to aid ground reaction
  • Real-time communication with control room

Post Incident Activity

Video Footage as Evidence

  • Perpetrators actions and MO are on record
  • Geo-tagged, time-stamped and stored
  • Permissible in court


  • Syndicates MO is exposed quicker and can be
  • Video can be used for training purposes

Machine Learning

  • Data is used to aid pattern identification and preempt
    human behaviour
  • Reduction in human intervention over time