Strategic Cybersecurity Consulting

Evaluating an MSSP is a key step in improving your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Use our free MSSP Evaluation Checklist to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Expert Guidance from Trusted Cybersecurity Advisors

At Take Note IT, we provide a full range of professional cybersecurity consulting services to help our clients improve their current security posture. From performing assessments and conducting penetration testing to determine the risk your organisation faces to advising on incident response and forensics, our team is here to be your trusted cybersecurity consultant.

Security and Risk Assessments

Take Note IT has successfully undertaken security and risk assessments for many organisations. While the objectives of each customer’s engagement can vary, the focus is on examining the security posture of the organisation’s critical technology platforms to ensure that all devices are correctly configured and secured.

We provide you and management with an evaluation of the state of your security, operational processes, procedures, and gaps in coverage, as well as identify areas of risk and provide recommendations for improvement.