Training Academy

Take Note IT has launched a cutting-edge Training Academy to address the problems we are currently facing regarding cybersecurity.

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence:

  • capabilities at a local level through a world-class, innovative educational experience.
  • The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence aims to empower youth with critical skills, create employment, and protect the city from cyber threats.
  • The programme runs in partnership with Crowdstrike University, an online-based university that focuses on cybersecurity.

Predictions are that there will be a global shortage of around 2 million cybersecurity jobs by 2021.

Consciousness-Based Education

The Academy will make use of Consciousness-Based Education (CBE), a world-renowned education system centred around whole student learning. CBE is about connecting whatever a student is learning with how it relates to them as a person and why it’s useful in the world. With this approach, students can learn at high speed and retain greater quantities of information compared to that of traditional educational systems.
The persistently high youth unemployment rate has long been one of the most pressing socio-economic problems in South Africa. At our Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, we align ourselves with the country’s vision to create employment, improve people’s lives, and reduce poverty.